Penn Power Systems is proud to be the authorized master distributor of MTU products for Pennsylvania, Western and Central New York, Southern New Jersey, and New Castle County, Delaware.

We understand that diesel and gas generators are critical to our customers’ operations, so we offer more than just distribution; we also provide critical support services — helping our clients select the best option for their unique application, providing necessary repairs, and even assisting with onsite installation.

About MTU Products

The leading company worldwide for backup power generation, MTU offers high-performance diesel and gas-power generation equipment for mission-critical, backup, and standby power applications.

MTU generators and engines are specially designed for sensitive situations involving harsh or extreme conditions. This equipment offers exceptional load acceptance capabilities and ensures low vibration. MTU top-of-the-line equipment can also be fully trusted for emergency standby and prime power applications.

When used for standby purposes, these generators maintain a smooth, continuous flow of power in the event of power failure. And for prime power applications, these generators can be scaled to meet the needs of a huge range of applications.

MTU offers diesel generators with various power potentials, from 30 kWe to 3250 kWe, providing the power required for many different applications and industries — including hospitals, prisons, surgery centers, critical care facilities, airports, commercial high rises, data centers, and sewage treatment plants.

MTU also offers gas generators, which are extremely dependable and specifically configured to meet every client’s specific needs. MTU gas generators can function on standby with 60 Hz products and a power range between 40 and 400 kWe.


Penn Power Systems’ Services and Capabilities

Penn Power Systems serves as much more than a generator distributor. When a client first contacts us, we begin by asking all the questions necessary to fully understand their needs. The ideal solution will depend on their specific industry, where they are located, and a range of other key factors, such as required generator frequency and electrical power range.

Once the client provides this information, our skilled team works to determine the best possible generator for their unique requirements, and delivery is arranged immediately. Penn Power Systems’ team of highly trained engineers and technicians can also assist with installation (this is a special service aimed at clients who do not have the required means or personnel to complete the process themselves).

Learn More

The team at Penn Power Systems is proud to provide MTU sales and service support, offering additional maintenance, onsite emergency repairs, and testing services as needed. To learn more about Penn Power Systems and our line of harsh-environment MTU products, request a quote today. We’re on hand to answer any questions you may have and can work with your team to pinpoint the ideal generator for your unique application needs.